This is the time of year for weddings.  The bride and/or groom tend to be consumed with every bit of food that goes into their mouth in order to look perfect in their beautiful bridal gown and tuxedo.  Once the joyous day has ended the honeymoon begins.  Whether it’s buffets, tasty drinks and lots and lots of dessert trays, don’t be surprised that all of the pre-wedding dieting and exercising has gone down the tubes.

Here are a few tips to help newlyweds to get into a healthier routine of eating and exercising together.

1.  Try not to eat in front of the television.  You are more likely to take in more calories in front of the television than if you were to eat at the table.  Sitting at the table allows you both to converse and take your time eating.  Most of us tend to be rushed all day long, why not slow the pace down and truly enjoy one another’s company. 

2.   Don’t Be Afraid of the Scale.  Studies have shown that people who weight themselves regularly don’t put on as many pounds.  Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to lose weight.  Water weight or weighing at the end of the day will frustrate you even more.  If you want a better relationship with your scale weigh in the morning after using the restroom but before eating breakfast.  Weighing once a week or even once a month will help you keep your weight in check.

3.  Watch the Portions on Your Plate.  Smaller plates will help you with smaller portions.  Try to cover two-thirds of your plate with vegetables and fruits.  Proteins should cover the other one-third or less.  Remember that men tend to have a higher metabolism therefore, he will eat more.  Try to eating a high protein low carbohydrate meals.  Pounds will drop if meal portions drop.

4.  No Need to Deprive Yourself of Your Sweet Tooth or Carb Cravings.  If you avoid eating a piece of chocolate every now and then you are setting yourself up to eat a whole chocolate bar.  Going to the movies with a friend?  Popcorn is definitely okay just nix the butter and extra salt.  Instead of a regular sugary soda choose a diet soda or buy a water and bring your own flavoring packet.

5.  Limit the Times you Dine Out or Order Takeout/Fast Food.  Ordering pizza after an exhausting day at work is okay, butlimit how often you do.  Opt for a healthier version.  Light sauce, more veggies and thin crust will cut calories.  Enjoy going out to breakfast?  Instead, try a romantic healthier breakfast in bed with whole-wheat toast, scrambled eggs, fruit and coffee.  Limiting your takeout or dining out will increase your bank account.

6.  Leafy Greens Does a Body GREAT!  Whether you are eating at home or dining out, make sure to have something green on your plate.  There are so many wonderful, delicious recipes that you can make at home that include leafy greens.  The same old salad WILL get boring.  Try different kinds of green.  Some examples, kale, baby spinach, cabbage, even broccoli or shredded Brussel sprouts.  Lettuce with some proteins like kidney beans, sunflower seeds, raisins, mandarin oranges and cheeses can make a terrific meal in itself.  Dressing on the side please. 

7.  Plan Your Weekly Meals.  Every weekend, you and your spouse need to find time to sit and plan meals for the upcoming week.  If your meals are planned out this will help keep you from making unhealthy eating choices when you are in a rush or get home later than planned.  The two of you can work together in planning and cooking meals together. 

Shopping together can be fun. Go to the local Farmers Market or Fruit Stand in your area.  You can’t go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

8.  Set a Fitness Goal.  Whether you are trying to maintain your weight or lose a few pounds, work together.  If you both enjoy the outdoors, go hiking, bike riding, or take a walk around the lake at the park.  If the gym motivates you both, get a membership and get your cardio and weight lifting done together.  Motivate each other!  Try something new like a 5K Mud Run or join a team sport together like softball or even tennis.

9.  Take Walks Together.  Evening walks after dinner are the best!  It gives you a chance to unwind after a meal, burn some calories, enjoy the sunset, and have some great conversations.  As newlyweds, you need to keep the communication going.  Have a four-legged friend at home?  Use him/her as a reason to get out in the evening for a walk.

10.  Relax!   As newlyweds, don’t let stress and anxiety of everyday life consume you.  Take control of your new life together and make sure that you make time for plenty of sleep.  A healthy diet, plenty exercise and loving each other will help you to relax and help relieve stress.  If you feel stressed, try to focus your energy on a new project, like painting, calling a friend to catch up or even cleaning the closet.

If you gain a few newlywed pounds, try not to stress.  Work together as a couple and get back on the healthy track¸ TOGETHER!